best vehicle camera recorder safety monitoring and management solution for school bus

best vehicle camera recorder safety monitoring and management solution for school bus

2019-08-27 13:47:28


best vehicle camera recorder School bus safety is an important part of the safety of primary and secondary schools, kindergarten students and road traffic. As a transportation for children to go to school every day, their safety issues cannot be ignored and it is always been a hot issue of social concern. Strengthening the safety management of school buses is a great significance for effectively preventing the occurrence of major road traffic accidents, ensuring the safety of teachers and students, and promoting the healthy and harmonious development of education.
In combination with the past 7 years’experiences in vehicle surveillance line, Shenzhen Citops launched a school bus monitoring system, which can be used in the driving behavior management, child safety management in the cabin, unscheduled student inspection, and vehicle exterior monitoring. Several aspects are needed to ensure the safety of children in school buses. 
System topology Diagram

System Function
1. Driving behavior management
To real-time monitor the driving behavior through recording and picture capture, when the driver has some illegal behaviors(such as, smoking, answering the phone, etc.) it can be stopped in time through the voice intercom function and eliminate security risks.

2. Children safety management
Through the in-vehicle monitoring, real-time monitoring of the students in the vehicle, such as the occurrence of students in the car or other activities that affect safety can be promptly notified to the passengers to stop.

To check the situation of getting off.
To avoid the situation where the student is locked after the arrival, you can use the remote real-time video to check whether all students get off or not.
To monitor the situation outside the bus.
To monitor the situation outside the bus through the camera outside the bus , the driver's illegal driving behavior is supervised and forensic.

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