Our mobile dvr 4ch 4G PTZ Camera

Our mobile dvr 4ch 4G PTZ Camera

2019-07-24 11:23:33


It is a high performance integrated equipment specially designed for emergency control, mobile dvr 4ch outdoor wireless control surveillance application. It adopts high speed processor hardware and embedded system. The state of the art mobile DVR use the latest IT technologies, such as H.265 codec. mobile dvr 4ch can support 1 channel 1080P video recording and wireless data uploading . It also can realize central monitoring, remote managing and replay analysis based on the central database through central software.



mobile dvr 4ch Key features:
* Industrial-grade design with special interface for reliable working on harsh environment
* Latest H.265 video code compression technology
* Support 1 channel video and audio storage
* Special and stable file system
* Support the extension of 3G/ 4G, WIFI, GPS, BD function modules
* Support local and remote PTZ control
* Support 2pcs SD card , each one up to 256G for record storage
* Built-in UPS battery, voltage: 14.8v, battery capacity:12000mah
* Power consuming during the day:10.45Wh
* Power consuming during the night: 17.1Wh
* Support fast boot
* Support bluetooth headset to talk to platform
* Built-in OLED high brightness display,you can clearly see what is displayed under bright light
* Full built-in antenna(3G/4G, bluetooth, GPS/BD)
* PTT intercom mode,convenient for member to communicate in a group
* It adopts star-light grade camera lens, ensuring to take real color picture during night when the light is not good
* Support Apple, Android and other mobile terminal monitoring softwarehttp://en.citops.com/


  Product main function







Video Subsystem

Video channel


Video resolution

Support 1 channel 1080p video recording

Image quality

Default picture quality 4M BPS


Overlays letters… like date /time into the video

Cycle video recording

Support SD card cycle recording and cycle deletion

Record strategy

Default  power-on record, also support alarm record and manual record

Disk overwrite

Support disk overwrite automaticly

Playback subsystem


Video searching

Special software for real-time preview of video on the same LAN

Special software for fast download video on the same LAN

Parameters setting


Support button delay shutdown



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