Mobile video surveillance solution for school bus

Mobile video surveillance solution for school bus

2019-09-03 11:23:34


As everyone knows, students are the flowers of the motherland and the talents of the future.Nowadays, more and more schools have established a school bus to pick up and drop off students to go to school.However, school bus safety accidents occur frequently.
For example,unqualified school bus driver failed to work with working license;collision accident;after the school bus stops, the students are forgotten on the school bus. The high temperature and lack of oxygen cause the child to suffocate; and so on.These accidents have had a huge negative impact on society and caused irreparable injuries to the students' families.


Therefore, how to strengthen supervision through technical means, prevent accidents, and promptly carry out rescue and emergency treatment in the event of a crisis, so as to minimize the occurrence of accidents, the current government, schools, and enterprises should actively respond to their obligations.

Our company combines years of technical precipitation and project experience accumulation,a school bus mobile video surveillance solution based on 4G network, RFID tag, video population statistics, temperature sensing, audio and video, storage, GPS and other technical means is proposed, in order to improve the safety and reliability of school bus driving. Our this kind solution is widely used in school bus monitoring projects at home and abroad.

Overall design

As following picture shows: this project utilizes audio and video codec, 4G wireless network, GPS\GIS system, temperature sensor, demographics, alarm and inspection button, using vehicle terminals to complete business logic design, real-time, centralized and intuitive monitoring and dispatching of mobile school bus vehicles by the monitoring


Installation example diagram:



  Sound speaker


  Temperature sensor


  Passenger counter


  Driver inspection button


  GPS antenna


  MDVR specifications:










Cell phone APP, PC client, Remote controller,UI

Functions Summary 

Preview, recording, playback, network transmission, positioning, AI analysis, multiple sensor data acquisition.

Video and Preview

Video Input, Output,Signal standard

AHD input:4ch ahd, 1ch ADAS, 1ch DSM  and 1-2 IPC                    Output: 1ch CVBS/VGA                                                             Signal standard:1.0Vp-p, 75Ω, NTSC/PAL optional

Image Identification

1ch ADAS, 1ch DSM


Character superposition function, information superposition of time and date, device ID and GPS, alarm,etc.

Video Compression Format

Compression coding. Applying H.265 hi-performance processor(Hisilicon 3521D).

Image quality

Code stream, frame rate optional


1/4/6 channel preview

Frame rate

1080p: max 120fps/s. 720p: 240fps/s, each channel max 30fps/s.  NTSC: 240fps/s, each channel max 30fps/s.


1080p,720p D1 optional.


Audio Input, Output

4ch audio input, 1ch audio output. Independent intercom

Compression Format

G.711, G.726


Storage Medium

Supporting one 2.5” SATA hard drive(max 2TB) and one SD card(max 256GB)

Video Strategies

Recording at start up by default, supporting timed recording, recording triggered by alarm and event, as well as manual recording

Alarm pre-recording


Alarm recording delay


Playback channel

Support local 1/4/6/8 channel playback

Browse mode

Time, channel, event.

Communication Ports

RS232, RS485 



Wireless Transmission

3/4G/5G wireless transmission module, EVDO/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE ect.                   

Wi-Fi module, 802.11b/g/n,2.4G/5.8G optional.                                                                       Ethernet: Network aviation head(100M)


GPS/BD: Positioning, speed detection, time synchronization

Power Supply and Power Consumption

Power Supply

≤6V ,ACC on; ≥7.5V ,ACC off

Input Voltage

DC:+8V ~ +36V. If voltage is lower than 8V or is higher than 36V for a long time. The device automatically shuts down and enters the protection mode.

Output Voltage

+12V@1A; +5V@1A 

Power Consumption

Max 30W consumption, about 10W in standby mode

Built-in UPS


Power on and charge, full for 3 minutes. External power loss, can keep the system working for 7 seconds, finish saving data.

Operating Environment


preheating: -20℃ ~ +70℃


8% to 90%


177 (L)x 186.8(W) x 54(H)


Net: 1.25KG


Product size












Front panel schematic










ADAS camera







Resolution: 1280*720p ; Video format: AHD2.0, 25fps

DSM camera

Resolution: 1920*1080p ; Video format: AHD2.0, 25fps


Early warning speaker specification


Working voltage:5-12V; Audio input: Analog audio input, 2Vpp; Audio response:-30dB;Audio output: 2V Vpp;

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