Mobile DVR basic functions

Mobile DVR basic functions

2019-04-13 16:33:45


The main criteria for evaluating on-board DVR systems are stability, impact resistance, heat resistance and miniaturization. The functions of onboard hard disk recorders are different. The following basic functions should be provided for airborne hard disk recorders:

1. Professional power supply design, adapted to the working environment of automobile power supply voltage fluctuation and large pulse impulse.
2. Professional hard disk shockproof design, lockable, mobile, provide convenient data backup function.
3. Embedded operating system, stable, not easy to crash, fast start video calls.
4. Support multi-channel audio and video input to realize real-time monitoring and recording.
5. Multi-mode recording function (manual, timing, alarm linkage, dynamic detection) and fast query and playback function.
6. It has the functions of video loss and dynamic detection and alarm.
7.three-level user management mode, safe and reliable, high density.
8. Supports super-large capacity hard disks, without formatting, plug and play.

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