How to buy the best vehicle camera recorder correctly

How to buy the best vehicle camera recorder correctly

2019-07-29 16:44:45


Nowadays, urban bus, long-distance passenger transport, traffic management, transport law enforcement, bank escort and other industries have become increasingly demanding for best vehicle camera recorder. In the face of a new huge in-vehicle surveillance market, many engineers are worried about how to choose products. Many engineering companies are afraid of the in-vehicle engineering because they have used inferior products, and how many engineering commercials have inferior products because of the after-sales service. The market is full of various car video recorders, many manufacturers will change the ordinary desktop hard disk recorders. When the car DVR was sold, it seriously affected the normal development of the car monitoring industry. Xiao Bian briefly describes the method of selecting a car video recorder, aiming to inspire the jade, and hopes to provide a small force for the standard vehicle monitoring industry.
First of all, we have to talk about the best vehicle camera recorder enterprise. At present, there are quite a lot of so-called car video recorder companies in China, which have no name, no research and development capabilities, no professional technology, purely water-fishing, and the pursuit of short-term benefits, and users have bought these. The products guaranteed are "a pity that tastes no taste."

The current best vehicle camera recorder manufacturers I think can be divided into three categories:
The first category is professional R&D and production. These companies have completely developed their own design products. At least 3 years experience in R&D of car video recorders. Such companies may have fewer products, but the product quality is reliable, and customers can get many follow-ups. Technical support;
The second category is production and processing. Such enterprises generally use the public board program for production. The public board solution is provided by the chip manufacturers for selling chips. It is evolved from the function demonstration board, and generally only realizes functions, and stability is difficult. Guaranteed, such enterprises reduce costs through mass production, but product quality and subsequent technical support are often unsatisfactory;
The third category is OEM manufacturers. Such manufacturers purchase products from other companies and sell them to their own company brands. The technology is almost blank.
In addition, there is still a freak in the car DVR market. They generally do ordinary desktop DVRs. The ordinary desktop DVRs are simply changed to be sold as car DVRs. These products are not professional car video recorders. The manufacturer does not discuss it. Professional car video recorder R & D manufacturers are the premise of selecting products, then how to judge the pros and cons of the products? The analysis will be carried out in terms of product functions, file system, power processing, and shockproof processing. Product stability is a comprehensive factor. Unlike some manufacturers, the most important thing is power supply design, or shockproof design, or documentation. System design, in fact, every point is very important, any design flaws will affect product stability.
The function of the car video recorder product should be clear first: the video data should reach D1 (720*576) resolution. If the video is not clear, there is no monitoring significance.
Secondly, it needs to have power-saving function: when the vehicle stops running, if the vehicle video recorder runs for a long time, it will cause certain loss to the car battery, which may cause the vehicle to lose power and fail to start, which reduces the service life of the battery and increases the cost of the vehicle. Maybe some engineering companies will solve the problem by connecting the power to the switch, but the driver can control the switch of the device, and can't fully monitor it. In addition, when the device is working, the power will cause great damage to the hard disk and reduce the use of the hard disk. Life expectancy increases costs. The company's products fully take this into account, and consume less than 1W in power-saving state.
The third need to have automatic recording function: we all know that letting the customer click the video button is a little effort, but the customer often forgets the key one in the actual use, and then tells you that the device has no video data, the customer is God, so the labor cost The time cost is increasing, making the product more humane, which is also a key point for the company to consider when designing products.

The fourth need to have anti-crash function: the vehicle environment is complex, and various accidents may occur, ensuring that the device can automatically recover after an accident, which is an important condition for selecting a product.

The fifth is to consider the simplicity of data backup: customers need to save the video data in the event of an accident. When choosing a car video recorder product, you should consider the convenience of backup, and you need to have a direct copy backup function.

Second, the car video recorder power supply design The power supply design of the car video recorder is very particular.

Because the car's power supply is mainly from the car battery, the voltage output from the battery is very unstable during the start and running of the car. Especially when the ignition is performed, the voltage will be pulled low by the engine. When the throttle is pressed, the voltage may rise. Very high, occasional transient voltages may exceed 48V, so the power supply design of the car DVR product is required to adapt to this environment. The company's car U disk recorder product operating voltage range of 12V-36V wide voltage design, anti-shock voltage range of 7V ~ 60V, in order to ensure that the device works normally at low voltage, can also protect the device in the event of transient high voltage Not damaged.

Third, the car video recorder file system design

Car video recorders can be said to be an emerging product, and many manufacturers do not have the design experience of file systems. Many car video recorder products on the market are extended to the ordinary DVR file system. These file systems are very fragile and cannot be used on vehicles. Various abnormal situations occur, such as incomplete files caused by sudden power failure, unrecognized disks when replacing the hard disk, and broken files cannot be played normally. With more than ten years of file system design and four years of experience in car video recorder development, the company has developed a special file system for car video recorder products, which has strong stability and will not work properly due to various abnormal conditions.

Fourth, the car video recorder shockproof design

Rubber shockproof is a relatively traditional anti-vibration method for on-board DVRs. However, due to the poor anti-aging properties of rubber, it is gradually replaced by spring anti-vibration. Some products are designed to reduce the size of the earthquake, and reduce the shockproof design requirements, which will have a great negative impact on the stability of the product.

In summary, the choice of in-vehicle DVR products must choose a relatively strong technical strength of the manufacturers, product features should be pursued practical, can not be greedy for any function, often some "advanced" functions are just manufacturers' gimmicks, said It may not be used until the product is eliminated. Stability is the foundation of the car DVR. The quality of the product cannot be reduced because of the price factor. Otherwise, the cost of subsequent maintenance will far exceed the money saved when the product is purchased, and the mental troubles caused by this are not the constant amount of money.

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