Commercial vehicles have entered the standard matching era of ADAS and the driving safety has been guaranteed.

Commercial vehicles have entered the standard matching era of ADAS and the driving safety has been guaranteed.

2019-07-15 17:03:31


Auto-driving has not only escaped from the science fiction movies, but also become a technology to enter real life. However, ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance) technology of automatic driving is very popular.

As an auto line, it is transiting from traditional vehicles to intelligent vehicles.  With the rapid development of automotive electronics and the continuous improvement of relevant safety standards and consumer demand, ADAS has been widely used in mass-produced vehicles in recent two years and has become the "standard matching" for more and more new cars.

What is the “ADAS”? 

ADAS,full-named "Advanced Driving Assistance System", adapts varies vehicle’s sensors to collect the environmental data inside and outside of the vehicle. It carries out the identification, detection and tracking of static and dynamic objects, in order that drivers can detect some potential dangers in the fastest time and take the corresponding measures to improve driving safety.

In the field of automatic driving, it mainly covers the range of SAE L0~L2, so it is generally considered as a transitional technology to realize automatic driving. According to the definition of Wikipedia online encyclopedia, advanced driving assistant system usually includes navigation, real-time traffic system (TMC), electronic police system (ISA), vehicle network, Lane.Maintenance System (LKA), Night Vision System, Adaptive Lighting Control, Pedestrian Protection System, Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR), Driver Fatigue Detection, Downhill Control System and Electric Vehicle Alarm System, Lane Deviation Warning System (LDW), Forward Collision Warning System (FCW), Blind Zone Monitoring System (BSD), Lane Change Auxiliaries Assistant system (LCA), adaptive cruise system (ACC), automatic emergency braking (AEB), automatic parking system (APS) and so on.



Commercial vehicles has a strong ADAS needs. 

According to the World Health Organization statistics, traffic accidents is the "world's first killer". In China, traffic accidents every year is up to 500,000 times and an average annual death toll of traffic accidents is more than 100,000 people . It has ranked the first in the world for more than ten consecutive years, meanwhile, major traffic accidents are from the commercial vehicles.


Take the truck as an example, it has a very high accident rate. According to the statistics of the Traffic Administration of the Ministry of Public Security, in 2016, there were 50,400 times of truck-related road traffic accidents in China. It accounted for 30.5% of the total number of truck-related accidents and was much higher than the proportion of truck ownership in the total number of trucks.


Research shows that 93% of accidents are caused by human factors and that only 7% are caused by other factors such as road environment, vehicle failure and so on. Virginia Tech Transportation Institute released a set of survey data on drivers' habits, distractions and causes of collisions. Nearly 80% of collisions were caused by some negligence of three seconds before the accident. Research has proved that:

•Telephone calls (increased risk by 30%)

•Dial the number (increased risk by 300%)

•Sleepiness (increased risk by 400% and accounted for 23% of the causes of collisions and minor collisions)

•Hand moving objects (increased risk by 900%)



In view of these high proportion reasons, besides of improving the driver's safety consciousness, it is recognized that the effective solution is to adopt active safety technical means and enhance objective supervision and driving assistance.


automobile ADAS system, which can significantly improve the road safety of automobiles. The American Highway Safety Insurance Association (IIHS) published its latest research findings: automobile collision avoidance system can significantly reduce the incidence of traffic accidents. The proportion of bicycle, side friction and frontal collision accidents in vehicles equipped with early warning system has been reduced by 11%, and collision avoidance technology has reduced the incidence of similar casualties by 21%.


ADAS formally entered the era of compulsory installation 

 How to reduce the accident rate has always been a concern at the policy level. In the Opinions of the State Council of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Promoting Reform and Development in the Field of Safety Production promulgated in December 2016, it is stated that the responsibility for production safety accidents shall be sentenced. Traffic safety, with commercial vehicles as the key object of supervision, has become one of the three key areas. In April 2017, "Technical Conditions for Safety of Operating Passenger Cars" was formally implemented. It is explicitly required that "passenger cars with a length of more than 9 meters should be equipped with Front Crash Warning System (FCWS) and Lane Deviation Warning System (LDWS). In June 2018, the General Office of the Ministry of Transportation issued a notice on the promotion and application of intelligent video surveillance and alarm technology, requiring the installation of intelligent video surveillance and alarm devices on existing buses, tourist chartered buses, dangerous goods road transport vehicles, rural passenger vehicles and heavy-duty trucks to enter the road transport market. Intelligent video surveillance and alarm device is installed in front of the "two passengers and one dangerous" vehicle to realize automatic identification and real-time alarm of driver's unsafe driving behavior.

Policies and measures have played a very obvious role in promoting the "progress bar" slow commercial vehicle ADAS promotion began to accelerate, domestic ADAS formally entered the era of compulsory installation. 

In 2019, ADAS may break out 

Promoted by the policy, domestic enterprises began to lay out large-scale ADAS field. 2018 is a year of strong development of ADAS. In particular, many provinces and municipalities have issued relevant policies on active safety control/intelligent video surveillance and early warning of operating vehicles, which further promotes the rapid development of the market. This situation is expected to continue until 2019.

As a pioneer of integrated monitoring products and solutions for domestic commercial vehicle networking, Shenzhen Hongdian has already laid out its layout in the field of ADAS. Hongdian has developed a perfect ADAS + DSM active safety system, which can guarantee the safety of commercial vehicles in all directions. 

In the course of driving, the front-facing camera of the active safety system can detect the vehicle, pedestrian and lane in front of it. When the system perceives potential collision danger or lane deviation events, it can provide voice warning. The face camera can detect the driver's abnormal facial state, such as closing eyes, yawning, abnormal posture, smoking, etc. Phone calls and drivers are not detected, and voice warning is provided. When abnormal events are detected, pictures or short videos will be triggered and transmitted to the cloud server through the 4G network to realize the visual management of the fleet.




According to the data, ADAS penetration rate in European and American markets is 10% - 15%, annual growth rate is about 30%, while domestic ADAS penetration rate is less than 5%. It is estimated that China's ADAS market will reach 96.3 billion yuan by 2020, with an average compound growth rate of 52% per year, far exceeding the growth rate of the international market. The operation safety of commercial vehicles is related to social stability and the overall situation of national economic development. The installation of ADAS system can effectively reduce the traffic accident rate and make driving safer and more intelligent.

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