Best vehicle camera recorder is very versatile

Best vehicle camera recorder is very versatile

2019-08-14 16:27:20


Rapid development of the taxi industry makes the life easier, but at the same time, it has more problems such as lower service problem and lower management problem. Recently, the main problems for taxi industry development are that drivers carry passengers illegally, complaints and disputes Are difficult to obtain evidence, malicious detours can't be prohibited, Loss things can't be got back, empty rate for vehicles is too high, drivers are robbed accidentally and large-scale operation and management are difficult. The problems of how to Improve the management of taxi drivers, how to protect the security of drivers and how to improve operational efficiency of taxi team are more and more obvious.



Citop have launched the solution integrating the latest DSM, ADAS and Mobile DVRs to protect the drivers’ security and to improve the management of taxis and drivers.

System Function
1. Unified Management
When the taxi management center publishes the dispatching information to relevant vehicles, the driver can see the dispatching information through the screen, and the dispatching information will be converted into voice and broadcast through the TTS voice announcer.
2, Check the historical track:
Through the integrated management platform of citops, you can locate the taxi and monitor the taxi in real time. Through the historical track playback function, you can monitor whether the driver has malicious detour, private passengers and other behaviors.



Best vehicle camera recorder Real-time video and live photo snapshot
From the video monitoring and picture snapshot of driver, it can effectively regulate the behavior of drivers, and provide reliable basis for selective inspection of driving behavior and customer complaint forensics. From the passenger seat monitoring, it can effectively stop the criminal risks before they occur From the out-of-vehicle monitoring, it can provide strong evidence for traffic accident investigation.

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