China Mini SD card Mobile DVR 3G GPS 4G WIFI

China Mini SD card Mobile DVR 3G GPS 4G WIFI

M10H with 3G 4G WIFI GPS

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Main Feature of this China Mini SD card Mobile DVR 3G GPS 4G WIFI
M10H is a cost-effective H.264 SD card Mobile DVR 3G GPS specially designed for vehicle surveillance application. China SD card Mobile DVR mini size is suitable for small space deployment. It adopts high speed processor hardware and embedded Linux system. This mini mobile dvr has robust hardware for anti-shock and rich functions with simple deploy and reliable work. The special file system is good for video data and provides self-recovery, self-check and self-backup for all critical data. To ensure the Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) to run smoothly within the product warranty, please adhere to all requirements and follow the instructions listed below to install:Location  Install MDVR in a dry and ventilate location shielded from direct contact with excessive humidity and moisture, rain and other sources of liquid. Do not install MDVR on a recessed surface where liquids may accumulate or on spots where liquids may drip down.
SD card Mobile DVR GPS should be located at spots that are free of electromagnetic interference.Keep MDVR away from direct sunlight and/or other sources of heat during installation.Do not install the unit on a surface that is vulnerable to excessive vibration.Power  MDVR supports power supply ranges from 6v ~36v DC. Handle all electrical equipment with cautions to avoid injuries.Turn off the power before connecting/disconnecting MDVR from the power supply.MDVR is connected to both the vehicle ignition and the battery. MDVR is power supplied by the battery when the vehicle starts up, and MDVR can drain any battery if the ignition is not turned off.Correctly attach the MDVR ground cable to the vehicle to complete the power circuit.Disconnect Mini Mobile DVR 3G WIFI from the power supply when it is not in use for an extended period of time.
Specification of this China Mini SD card Mobile DVR 3G GPS 4G WIFI

Industrial design

Mini size; Secure and reliable with high reliable interface design

User interface

Support E-set, remote controller, remotely operation, SD card, etc to configure


English,Chinese (option customized)


User password, Administrator password management





Video &preview


4 channel video input, 1 channel video CVBS output; 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω


Overlays letters… like date /time, vehicle ID,GPS,etc into the video


H.264 High Profile Compression

Dual stream

Record with HD video and remotely live view with lower stream


1 channel/Quad live; support events trigged to full screen and video switch

Speed(frame rate)

PAL: 100fps, each channel 25fps; NTSC: 120fps, each channel 30fps


720P /D1/CIF adjustable

Image quality

High, middle, and low option


Video rate

CIF: 384 kbps/512 kbps/768 kbps/1024 kbps/1536 kbps, 5 grades adjustable D1: 512kbps/768kbps/1024kbps/1536kbps/2048kbps, 5 grades adjustable

720P: 1024kbps/2048kbps/3072kbps/4096kbps/5120kbps/6144kbps,5 grades adjustable



Audio input/output

2 channel audio input/1 channel audio output






Support 1pcs SD card up to 256G




Record strategy

Default power-on record, also support time schedule record, alarm record and events trigger record




3 channel level signal input


1 channel level signal output


Support 3G/4G and compatible with GPRS,EDGE, etc; built-in WIFI


Support GPS, option/BD/GLONASS

Firmware upgrading

SD card ; remotely upgrade;


Power supply & consumption

Power manage

ACC on/off; delay off


DC:+8V ~ +36V

Voltage output



Working: <10Wzz

Work Environment


-25℃ ~ +60℃


10% ~ 95%



128(W) x40(H) x135(D) mm (with bracket installation)

104(W) x40(H) x135(D)mm (No bracket installation)

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Certificate for this China Mini SD card Mobile DVR 3G GPS 4G WIFI
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