High Quality Passenger Counter M22

High Quality Passenger Counter M22

passenger counter M22

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Main Feature of this High Quality Passenger Counter M22

The product is a cost-effective binocular passenger flow statistic designed for vehicle mobile passenger flow statistics. It is designed in mini size, suitable for a variety of small space installations. Professional aviation plug connector ensures connection reliability. The appearance is simple and generous, and operation is simple and quick.Industrial-grade design for reliable working on harsh environment.Wide voltage support over-load, short circuit,reverse connect protection.

Adopting aviation video interface, high reliability and strong anti-seismic effect.Strong anti-seismic ability, easy installation, support for 360° installation.Adopting H.264 compression calculation,supporting two channels of video.Support 4G, multiple data transmission functions.Support GPS.Multifunctional platform functions including remote preview,download, data analysis and so on. Support for serial port extension

Specification of this High Quality Passenger Counter M22

Reliable industrial design

Mini size, safe and reliable interface design

User interface

Support remote controller, remotely operation, etc to configure


English, Chinese (option customized)


User password, Administrator password management




Video & Live


2 channel video input, 1 channel video output; 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω


Overlays letters, like date /time, passenger flow , etc into the video


H.264 High Profile Compression


1 channel / 2 channel  live;  Support events triggered to full screen and video switch

Frame rate

PAL: 100fps, each channel up to 25fps;

NTSC: 120fps, each channel up to  30fps




360,000 pixels

Video rate

CIF:384 kbps、512 kbps、768 kbps、1024 kbps、1536 kbps,5 grades adjustable

D1:512 kbps、768 kbps、1024 kbps、1536 kbps、2048kbps ,5 grades adjustable

720P:2048kbps、3072kbps、4096kbps、5120kbps、6144kbps,5 grades adjustable





2 channel level signal input


Wireless transmitting

3G/4G wireless transmission module, compatible with multiple formats GPRS,EDGE(External)


Scalable support for GPS/BD/GLONASS

System upgrade

USB upgrade, remotely upgrade;

Power supply

& consumption

Power manage

ACC on/off; delay off

Voltage input

DC:+12V ~ +36V

Voltage output

+12V@5 x 0.5A


Working: <4W;

Working environment


-25℃ ~ +60℃


10% ~ 95%




133 x 50 x 59.65 mm(No bracket installation)

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