High quality Full HD 4G Body Worn DVR

High quality Full HD 4G Body Worn DVR

M72 Full HD 4G Body Worn DVR

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Main Feature of this High quality Full HD 4G Body Worn DVR

With the industrial-grade design concept, this 4G body-worn dvr use the high-speed processor and embedded operating system, integrated with audio and video compression/global positioning/wireless transmission/alarm and other functions as a whole. It can be deployed these projects like outdoor remotely dispatching with different kinds of external cameras equipped and powerful CMS software system.Key features:IP65, industrial-grade design;Support one-click to take photo,manual video recording,mode conversion, etc. Suitable for handheld, waist-worn, shoulder-worn with seperated DVR and camera design Built-in lithium battery ,

convenient for charging and carrying.Support 4G/WIFI; Dual streaming technology Support GPS/BD/GLONASS.Support bluetooth earphone, bluetooth handheld mic,etc. Support up to 128G Micro-TF card.Powerful software platform like remote preview, playback, download, broadcast, dual-talk, etc.After turning on the device, blue-tooth will open automatically, when detects paired blue-tooth headset within 10 meters, they will be paired automatically. Bluetooth headset operation introduction:Long press blue-tooth headset power button for 2 seconds, blue light on, it means blue-tooth headset turns on.Long press blue-tooth headset power button for 6 seconds, red and blue light flash in turns, it means blue-tooth headset paired mode.

Specification of this High quality Full HD 4G Body Worn DVR

Portable design

Portable mini system; able to equipped with different cameras based on applications

User interface

Support E-set, remote, Micro SD card, button configuration


English,Chinese (option customized)


Multple grade secure password management







Special external HD cameras


Overlays letters… like date /time, vehicle ID,GPS,etc into the video


H.265 with industrial high speed processor

Multiple streaming

Record with main streaming, net transmitting second streaming, picture snap third streaming


1080P/720P/D1 option



D1: 512kbps/768kbps/1024kbps/1536kbps/2048kbps

720P: 1024kbps/2048kbps/3072kbps/4096kbps/5120kbps

1080P: 2048kbps/3072kbps/4096kbps/5120kbps/6144kbps

Live preview

Under AP mode, can achieve live video preview by mobile app



Bluetooth device input


Bluetooth device output






Support 1pcs 16G ~ 128G micro SD card



Record plan

Default power-on record, support manual record, alarm record,etc



Wireless transmit


Built-in 3G/4G module

Compatible with GPRS, EDGE

Built in WIFI, Support hot spot configuration


Built-in GPS/BD/Glonass(option), Support AGPS

Firmware upgrading

Support Micro-SD card upgrading, network upgrading

External port

Special port for data export, device recharging


Power supply

Power manage

On/off manual,Remote restart

Battery capacity

7.4V 2200mAh (16.2WH)

Recharging time

< 3 hours

Working time


Work Environment


-20℃ ~ +60℃


10% ~ 95%



50(W) x104(H) x27(D) mm

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